Fashion Tips and Style Inspiration for Curvy Women

I am a petite woman with CURVES which makes me a STRONG believer that anyone can look great (no matter what size clothing you wear.)  This is my personal belief because I am the shopper who’s searching for a specific “size”  (in pants) but yet they have to be short enough for my height!

With that being said, I have discovered over the years that it’s truly not about the size clothing you wear but how you style your wardrobe.  And although there are certain items that are ONLY reserved for women who wear a size zero, our fashion industry’s so diverse that no one should resort to (ONLY) wearing leggings and a Mickey Mouse t – shirt (smile.)

Lucky for us, Marie Claire magazine has provided some great style tips for Curvy Women.   The article ranges from accessories, formal gowns, and hair tips.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can look good and feel great no matter what size clothing we wear!


Marie Claire Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

Photos are from Stylish Dressing: Plus Size Fashion Inspirations

Celebrities (Looking Great)

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