Clarity-Enhanced Diamond Rings: Great Deals for Prices

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It’s a mouthful, but it’s true: a clarity-enhanced diamond engagement ring is a great deal for a great price.

In the summer of 2016, The Economist asked why Millennials aren’t buying diamonds. The answer is simple with a complicated reason: they can’t afford them. Many Millennials are college students, and tuition costs go up every year. And many jobs require experience, while entry-level jobs are becoming more scarce.

Get ready, Millennials, because we have more affordable alternatives.

Even better still, our diamonds are conflict-free. We understand that you have concerns about the environment and the well-being of the individuals who mine the diamonds. That’s why we ensure that all of our diamond vendors have ethical business practices.

If you are looking for affordable, conflict-free diamonds, then you’ve come to the right online store. Best Brilliance offers diamonds that can come in a variety of forms, including clarity-enhanced diamonds. Some are on necklaces, many are on rings, and you can even buy a loose diamond for later if you would rather have a hand-made band or find a less expensive band elsewhere.

A good diamond is usually certified, to show that it has certain attributes so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. All of the diamonds at Best Brilliance are certified, so you won’t walk away feeling bamboozled because you thought your diamond would look different.

And now you’re wondering: how can our diamonds be less expensive but still high-quality?

The answer lies in clarity-enhanced diamonds. Getting an enhanced gem is your best bet for finding an affordable option for those of you who want to be traditional yet stay within your tight budget.

A clarity-enhanced diamond engagement ring is a great deal for a great price simply because enhanced diamonds, despite how their name may make them sound, are less expensive than more-natural diamonds.

Enhanced diamonds are gems that weren’t in perfect condition, but their minor defects were microscopically fixed. Much like getting a tooth filling, diamonds can be filled where they have tiny cracks or other problems. The end result is a diamond that looks flawless to the average viewer without the high price of a diamond that didn’t need any repairs. A very special type of scope is required in order to see where the filling has been done. In other words, you’ll have a dazzling diamond that looks expensive but was purchased at a fraction of the price of a standard diamond.

Unless someone with X-ray vision is your friend, then no one will know that your diamond didn’t originally look so beautiful and flawless. Through clarity enhancement, a great diamond becomes a wonderful one. No one will know how you were able to afford something so stunning. Let that be your little secret!

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