Your Skincare Bible: Look Incredible Year Round

Who doesn’t want to look incredible year round? One of the biggest factors in how great we look is our skin. If our skin is not being treated properly, you may look dehydrated, dull, tired – the list goes on. By taking care of your skin properly each and every day, you can look incredible year round. This is your skincare bible; so let’s take a look at what you need to do to look incredible year round:

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Know Your Skin Type

You need to know your exact skin type if you’re going to take proper care of your skin and use the right products. You can find definitions of the various skin types online to help you figure out what yours is, so take a look if you need some help and advice. You may have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin, or sensitive skin. However, you also need to take into account how mature your skin is. Make sure you look at products suited to somebody of your age; as we get older we usually need more intensive products.

Come Up With A Skincare Routine That You Love

Make sure you love the products in your skincare routine and that you love performing your skincare routine so that you don’t let it slip. You need to be performing it day and night, every day. Your skincare routine should be something similar to the following:

  • Cleanse. Double cleanse if wearing makeup, as the second cleanse is the one that really does the work.
  • Tone, as this tightens the skin, brightens it, and further gets rid of impurities.
  • Apply a serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. If you’re going to invest in any skincare product, it should be this one. It can make the biggest difference.
  • Apply an eye cream.
  • Moisturize either with a day or night cream.
  • If you want to, you can apply oil or something similar afterward to really lock in that moisture and give you a glow. Just remember, you only need a tiny bit.

Your products don’t have to be expensive. Some women swear by using things like coconut oil and olive oil as their moisturizers! The more consistent you are with your routine, the better you’re going to look. If you introduce a new product into your routine, make sure you pay attention to changes in your skin so you get a good idea of whether it really works or not. It’s a good idea if you wait a couple of minutes in between applying your products, too. This gives them a chance to work and ensures you’re not just mixing them all around your face.

Visit A Professional Salon Or Clinic

If you would like some professional advice on your skin, do your research on a salon or clinic that can help you. They usually have special equipment that they can use on your skin and tell you more about it at a glance. You can then go home and know exactly what you need to do to improve your skin. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a nice facial either if you have the cash, as one of these every once in a while can make a big difference!

Pay Attention To Changes In Your Skin From Season To Season

Each season your skin can change. Skin can get dryer in the winter and oilier in the summer; for instance, this means you may need to change your products to suit. Pay close attention and don’t just assume that the products that you have always used will always work for you, as they may not.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, as well as any other aspect of your health. Not only does it form ugly wrinkles around the mouth, it will dehydrate your skin, make your teeth turn yellow, make your breath smell, and shorten your lifespan. Quitting now will be one of the best things you ever do for your long-term health and appearance.

Eat A Colorful, Balanced Diet

The healthier your diet, the better for your skin looks. Try to make your diet as colorful and balanced as possible. You definitely don’t just need to eat salads; you can have a little of what you fancy sometimes. However, make sure you’re focusing on eating the kind of foods that are going to be good for you most of the time. Eat plenty of vegetables, and include lots of healthy fats like avocado for your skin.

Invest In A Great Pillow And Pillowcase

A good pillow can help you to keep your face in a good position so that you’re not lying in a way that causes even more wrinkles. Silk pillowcases stop your face from dragging as you toss and turn in your sleep, and in turn, can reduce wrinkles and improve moisture in the skin as you sleep. These are more than worth the investment, as we spend a large portion of our lives sleeping!

Protect Your Skin With SPF No Matter What

Make sure that you protect your skin with SPF, whether rain or shine. The sun doesn’t have to be shining for the skin to become damaged by the sun’s rays, or the environment. You can still use your favorite moisture if it doesn’t contain an SPF – simply spray one over the top. Easy!

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will help you to do a number of things; live longer, feel happier, support your bones and muscles, and of course, contribute to younger looking, glowing skin. You simply cannot dispute the benefits of exercise; so the sooner you get into the habit, the better. Try working out 3 times a week, to begin with. Even a walk can count as a workout if you keep your heart rate up!

Are you ready to look incredible year round? Start using these skin care tips and you’ll notice a big difference. Leave any of your own tips below!

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Summer 2015 Survival Kit: Skin care, Drink Options, and BBQ Set

Summer is around the corner and we’ve compiled your SUMMER 2015 SURVIVAL KIT!

From the latest in skin care to refreshing drink options, milkshake machines and more, below are summer-perfect items to get you through every last sun shining day.

Coconut Oil For Beauty: While most people associate coconut oil with cooking, Extra Virgin Coconut oil actually has a variety of beauty uses and this trendy item can multipurpose as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, teeth whitener, shaving cream, and natural sunscreen. Moreover, most folks would agree that the right facial mask is one that contains coconut oil. Pure, unrefined, and cold pressed, this Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Carrington Farms coconut oil comes in convenient, portable Paks, so it’s great for toting to the beach or a pool. As an added bonus, coconut oil has been shown to help prevent breakouts, so you won’t have to worry about unwanted blemishes. Priced at $9.99/8- 0.5 oz packets per box at select retailers and online at

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Organic Beach Towels: In Turkey, where bathing has been raised to an art, khadi is the traditional choice for toweling. Coyuchi’s Mediterranean Beach Towels are traditional lightweight Turkish bath towels with a high/low weave for excellent absorption. Woven from yarn dyed organic cotton and edged in hand-knotted fringe. Cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in Turkey. Priced at $68 at

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Travel Friendly Wine: VOGA Italia’s Baby Sparkling is a mini sized sparkling wine- perfectly portioned for one! With a unique screw top cap, you can easily open and reseal while enjoying a summer picnic lunch or day at the beach! For extra cute enjoyment, pop in a straw and enjoy. No glass needed. Priced at $5.99 at select retailers nationwide.

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Hydrating Coconut Water: Coco Joy is naturally rich in nutrients and hydrating electrolytes and full of sweet flavor from all natural, pure coconut water made from 100% pure green coconuts that contain no added sugar and no preservatives. It’s gluten, lactose and dairy free and is the perfect cool companion to rejuvenate after a day spent under the sun. It delivers antioxidants, calcium and magnesium and has fewer calories, less sodium and more potassium than sports drinks. Coco Joy is brand new to the US and is available on Priced at $1.90 for 8.40 fl. oz cans and $3.90 for 42 fl. oz. bottles.

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Portable BBQ Set: You’ve got the beverages, now what about the eats? Prepare a serious BBQ at your local park or favorite outdoor spot with All-Clad Stainless Steel BBQ Set. The set includes 4 grilling tools in a sturdy, metal carrying case for easy transport of tools to the grilling area. Priced at $119 at

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Milkshake Machine: Nothing’s better on a hot summer day than a creamy milkshake! Now with Omega’s milkshake makers you can bring the fun home! The extra-large Stainless Steel blending cup clicks on and off for ease-of-use and serving. The powerful motor and detachable spindle aerates mixtures into frothy, smooth textures for superior whipping results. Priced at $179.95- 399.95 at

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Hot-Weather Ready Pillow: Get your beauty sleep…even on a hot summer night. JuveRest’s The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow’s contoured shape provides comfortable support and improved air circulation around your head keeping you cooler at night. Plus, its patented design minimizes facial wrinkles by promoting back sleeping and compression-free side sleeping. Priced at $179 at

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Nitika Chopra Shares Natural Remedies for Winter Skin and Hair

Harsh winter weather and freezing temperatures require a little extra care in your beauty routine. You can make a big impact with just a few simple ingredients. Nitika Chopra, host of “Naturally Beautiful” on  Z Living TV network has broken down the basics to keep your skin baby-soft and your hair moisturized all winter long.

Nitika Chopra

1. Coconut Oil – Once a week in the winter, treat your hair to a coconut oil hair mask. Just before bed, apply organic coconut oil to your scalp and the ends of your hair with a cotton ball. Wrap your head in a towel, cover with a shower cap, and leave it in overnight. It keeps your hair super healthy and makes it soft and shiny. The next morning, rinse it out with just a little bit of shampoo (no conditioner necessary!). Use less coconut oil for thinner hair.

2. Rose Water – Your beauty routine should be a sensory experience. I live in New York City, so I love to feel peaceful, relaxed and calm. One of my favorite ingredients is all-natural rose water. You can use it as a toner just after cleansing. It’s perfect in the winter because it fights inflammation and takes away redness and puffiness.

3. Avocado – Avocado is really your best friend. The fruit is rich in Vitamins B, C, E and K. Mash up an avocado and use it plain as a face mask. It helps skin retain moisture, which is great for fighting wrinkles. Eating avocado, especially in the winter when we can have vitamin deficiencies, is also great. During colder months, it’s natural for us to crave creamier comfort foods, and avocado has the perfect consistency.

4. Sugar – I’m also a huge fan of sugar scrubs because they are so luxurious and easy to make. Take brown sugar and your favorite oil (olive is a good option) and add an essential oil for natural fragrance. Lavender is soothing, while peppermint is more energizing. Pick the one that fits your mood!

5. DIY Spa – Just remember to test a small amount of any DIY spa recipe on the inside of your wrist before you use it on your face or body.

Nitika Chopra, a certified life coach, is the Founding Editor-In-Chief of on-line lifestyle magazine and a life-style contributor to the Huffington Post. Nitika’s unique point of view stems from the challenges she faced growing up in a traditional Indian home, without a traditional Indian cultural bone in her body, all while battling a debilitating skin condition that covered her body from head-to-toe for years. To overcome several low points in her life, she found a spiritual voice within her and became passionate about the power in small steps and infusing every day activities with spirit and possibility, regardless of one’s faith. Nitika uses this positive outlook to help people realize their own inner beauty and shares them with thousands of people who subscribe to her magazine. In 2011, Nitika was invited to speak about healing one’s authentic soul wound at the prestigious REVEAL conference hosted by Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation. She is extremely active with her on-line community of thousands sharing her life-experiences with them in order to aid young women in their difficult life challenges and help transform them from hopeless to hopeful. Nitika is host of the show “Naturally Beautiful” on Z Living TV. Growing up, Nitika battled debilitating health problems that made it difficult for her to walk with ease for many years. This challenge, among others, fueled her passion for helping individuals and has made her an empathetic resource.