Kendra Scott Unveils First-Ever Engagement Ring Collection

Today, Kendra Scott enters a new category with the introduction of The Engagement Collection by Kendra Scott. Building on a successful fine jewelry business in Kendra Scott’s repertoire, entry into engagement was a natural next step for the brand. This launch comes as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary and marks the second new category expansion this year,  following the successful introduction of Watches and Watch Bands in April.

As a brand that places an emphasis on innovation, Kendra Scott made the decision to work with lab grown diamonds. The debut eleven-piece Engagement Collection by Kendra Scott features lab grown diamonds that are F in color (colorless), VS2 in clarity range, and available in carat weight from 0.5 to 2 carats. All rings are custom, made to order, and delivered in approximately three weeks.

Inspired by Kendra Scott’s signature icon pieces, each engagement silhouette bears custom details unique to the brand’s design DNA. Available in Solitaire, Halo, and Signature silhouettes, the rings feature a traditional center stone, including Round, Oval, and Emerald. Customers have the option to customize the ring with their choice of 14k White Gold, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold. Representing joy, optimism, and the promise of a bright future, a singular Yellow Sapphire was thoughtfully placed at the bridge of each Solitaire setting or burnished at the base of Iconic Halo rings.

Designed to be as beautiful and unique as each love story, Kendra Scott offers a bespoke customer experience complete with a dedicated in-house Diamond Expert, who will guide the couple through their custom ring journey. The customer will select every facet of their ring, from carat weight to pavé additions to metal selections and personalized engraving. The Engagement Collection by Kendra Scott will launch at twelve retail locations across the country as well as online via virtual appointments.

“For twenty years, our customers have invited us to be a part of their wedding journeys. The launch of the Engagement Collection by Kendra Scott will allow us to be the wedding destination from proposal to happily ever after,” said Kendra Scott, Founder, Designer & Executive Chairwoman of the brand. “When creating this collection, we challenged ourselves to consider every detail. Fundamental to our design process, each ring can be customized and curated to match every couple’s unique love story.”

The engagement experience will launch in select Kendra Scott retail stores, including Tampa Hyde Park, Pittsburgh Walnut Street, Savannah Broughton Street, Charleston King Street, Dedham Legacy Place, Nashville Hill Center, Lexington Summit, SoHo New York, South Congress Flagship in Austin, Dallas Preston Center, Las Vegas Summerlin and Houston Heights Mercantile, and online at  Price points will range between $1,350–$8,150.


About Kendra Scott 

Kendra Scott is a leading fashion accessories brand inspired by the personal experiences, travel, and sense of community of its founder and designer, Kendra Scott. With over 2,000 employees, Kendra Scott has over 100 standalone stores across the US and is sold in premiere retailers including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and 600 specialty boutiques worldwide and boasts a thriving web business. Kendra Scott is known for its kaleidoscope of beautiful accessories as well as the innovative and customizable Color Bar® experience. As the brand continues to grow, the company remains true to its founding philosophy of “Family, Fashion, Philanthropy” and since 2010, has given back well over $50 million to local, national, and international causes.

Report: Has #TheRoyalWedding Ushered in a New Trend with Engagement Rings?

Has the Royal Wedding ushered in a new trend in engagement rings?

In 2010 when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s gorgeous sapphire sunburst ring, the popularity of sapphire spiked and remains by far the most popular non-diamond center stone among the public. Now with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding just days away, we found ourselves wondering what impact Meghan’s three-stone ring had on the public. We dug through thousands of queries in the analytics on and compared them to Google Trends and analytics for custom rings since the engagement announcement and found some interesting results.  

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Looking at the data

We were thinking that based on the data from the engagement with William and Kate that we would see another huge bump in people wanting rings similar to Meghan’s. For example, searches for three-stone settings and cushion cut diamonds spiked in the days after Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry was announced in late November. So we compared that data with the thousands of requests we received for custom wedding and engagement rings to see if customers were influenced by her ring. In short? A bit but not in the way we expected. After her ring went public, we saw a modest 8% increase in requests for yellow gold rings and a 21% bump in cushion cut center stones. Interest in three-stone rings remains popular but hasn’t increased since the engagement.

A shift in the meaning of value

What we found most striking is how much her ring is a reflection of broader trends in the way people purchase engagement rings and wedding bands. The story and personal detail of her ring are what makes it absolutely perfect for her. For example a center diamond he sourced from Botswana, a longtime refuge for Harry and a place that became special to both of them during a formative trip as a couple. The side stones are from the late Princess Diana’s personal collection to, in his words, “make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together.” And the design is one he personally worked with jewelers to create, reflecting her style and her love for yellow gold. The result is a timeless design loaded with personal meaning. And this is a trend we’ve seen develop over the last decade. Customers are much more focused on the meaning behind their design and not as much trying to emulate a specific style. They are also far less likely to feel pressured to buy diamonds or to spend three months’ salary just because it’s the norm. Instead, we are seeing the trend that people are eager to put a part of themselves into the design. A growing number have family gemstones incorporated in their design. As well as gemstones they have mined in their travels or sourced from a particular place in the world that has meaning to them.

Wearing your story

The world’s attention was captured by Meghan Markle’s ring, but it’s the stories connected to it that had a lasting impact, more than the exact details of her ring or her diamond. Engagement ring shoppers are now showing more interest in their love for meaningful purchases and experiences, much more than in symbols of status and luxury. More and more shoppers are looking for the meaningful experience of designing a ring with tons of personal detail. So Harry’s choice to design an engagement ring for Meghan is right in line with this trend toward custom, personal design.


  • Meghan’s ring caused a spike of interest in three stone rings and cushion cuts, 8% increase in yellow gold rings, 21% increase in cushion cut center stones.
  • Overall trends in style have remained relatively unchanged. White gold and rose gold continue to be more popular, round brilliant cut center stones also remain very popular, and customers love three stone rings as much as always.
  • Custom designed rings with personal details continue to grow in popularity. Harry sourced Meghan’s cushion cut diamond from Botswana, a place loaded with meaning for the couple, and used his mother’s diamonds to make the ring really personal. Our customers continue to reflect this trend, using heirloom diamonds, mining their own gems, including design details that reflect the couple, their story, and their families.

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Engagement Rings

If you are wondering what the true meaning of an engagement ring is and how to choose the right piece for the occasion, based on your traditions, heritage, and budget, you might want to research the topic. Engagement rings are one of the most popular items bought, and some of them purchased by celebrities can cost millions. In case you’re wondering what the most popular designs and customization options are, check out the list below.

They Date Back to Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, engagement rings were worn on the left hand, on the fourth (ring) finger. The reason for the choice of a finger is that Egyptians believed that there is a vein in the ring finger that leads straight to the heart. The circle was a symbol of eternity, so it symbolized a promise to stay together forever. Later on, in the Roman times, men used the ring to claim their legal right to the woman and their property.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Portfolio

Today, the most popular engagement ring selection is the one made by Tiffany & Co. The Tiffany setting was introduced by Charles Tiffany in 1886 and is still the most famous one. It includes a six-prong mount and a single diamond. It is elegant and sophisticated and allows the choice of different size and purity diamonds to be inserted. No matter what the main precious metal is, the diamond has to be single. Around 80 percent of American women get a diamond engagement ring from their partners.

Round-Cut Style Is the Most Popular

While jewelry designers have experimented with different shapes in the past, the round-cut is still the most popular one. When it comes to celebrities able to afford unique styles, oval and square diamonds are also prevalent. Check out the latest Celebrity Engagement Trends to find out what makes famous people’s heartbeat when searching for the right ring for their partners.

The Most Likely Times to Shop for Engagement Rings

People generally start shopping for engagement rings in December. The average man spends around three months looking for the perfect design and model. Proposals are most likely to happen during the festive period, however, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving are also popular dates.

The Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Paris Hilton, the famous heiress of the hotel chain received an engagement ring worth $4.7 million by her ex-partner, Paris. The 24-carat emerald cut diamond had a canary yellow color. Liz Taylor’s engagement ring from Richard Burton cost $8.8 million. You’ll be surprised to know that Princess Diana’s engagement ring was only 137,200. This ring is being worn by Kate Middleton, her daughter-in-law.

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or just would like to know more about the history and the different styles available, the above guide will help you navigate your way around the jewelry shops of the high street and choose the model and cut that will impress your future partner and match your budget at the same time.

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