Beyonce Lemonade – Call and Response

Beyonce released her visual album titled, “Lemonade” on HBO and now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Tidal.


The video premiere shocked the world and received a poetic review from newly Editor At Large of Elle Magazine, Melissa Harris-Perry.

She stated, “What would happen if we took the hopes, dreams, pain, joy, loss, bodies, voices, stories, expressions, styles, families, histories, futures of black girls and women and put them in the center and started from there?ย Lemonade happens.”

What a thought-provoking question for all women; trying to better understand society, politics, and relationships.

To read more of this review, click here:

A Call and Response with Melissa Harris-Perry: The Pain and the Power of ‘Lemonade’

“when life gives you lemons…make lemonade”