Nivea Lip Care Challenge – Product Review

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Nivea skin care products.  My connection with the product line started years ago when searching for a good hydrating, daily lotion.  In the winter months, I suffer from dry skin and in the summer I strive to have a beautiful glow.

I was invited to take the Nivea Lip Care Challenge and gladly accepted the offer. The goal behind the lip products is to provide a quick swipe of shimmer for a rooftop happy hour or make sure your lips are protected against the sun at the beach.


We often forget about caring for the lips; only concerned with the latest cosmetics brand, shade or gloss.  I found myself using the Nivea products at various times of the day.  For example, before bedtime I would use the Mint and Minerals lip balm.  I preferred the Smoothness Hydrating with SPF 15 sunscreen during the day while out in the sun.  My personal favorite was the Milk and Honey Lip Care.

NLC_mint_stick NLC_moisture_stick_tube_1510 NLC_shimmer_stick_tube_1510 NLC_smoothness_stick_tube_1510

I also keep my lip balms in a cosmetics bag for easy access. Using the lip care products helped to repair my lips from the harsh winter season.  It’s a must-have product that can actually be used all year long.  Nivea Lip Care balms are found at various drugstores or your local Target.