ROMwe Color Block Blouse and Pull-On Bootcut Slacks #OOTD or #WIW

Hello, Spring is that you around the corner?  I am prematurely hoping that the weather will change soon.  Why?  Because for as long as I could remember I love the warmer temperatures.

There’s something about walking around barefoot in the sand or running errands in shorts.  Until that day happens I am still digging for jackets and boots.

The inspiration for this look came from seeking a relaxed outfit on this particular Sunday.  I wanted to play with the design of the blouse and texture of the slacks.

Color blocking is one of my favorite fashion techniques.  It’s the mixing and combining of hues that are opposite on the color wheel.  Lately, I have been sharing the importance of color and how it can elevate your personal style.

The ROMme Color Block Blouse was lightweight and the back draped nicely.  I will definitely wear this blouse again and share an additional photo on this site.

Additional style options:

  • wear with jeans
  • wear with pleated skirt
  • wear with high waist pants

ROMwe Color Block Blouse:  Amazon | Pull-On Bootcut Slacks:  New York & Company | Bracelet:  PANDORA Jewelry

Tunic Dress With Embroidered Bishop Sleeves #OOTD or #WIW

Let’s be clear, I am an avid Amazon shopper.  I order everything from groceries to electronics.  Lately, due to the cold weather, I have been fascinated with their women’s clothing department.  I think it’s because number one, the order comes to my doorstep, number two, there’s a variety of merchandise and sizes, and number three I don’t have to wait in line.  If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I share an outfit (or Outfit of The Day hashtag #OOTD) on Sunday afternoons.

This is the day I dress up for church, brunch or family activities.  Either way, Sunday afternoon is my general target day to share outfit inspiration.  Last week I was in a jam because I had no idea what to wear the upcoming Sunday and my fingers instantly typed Amazon.  I found this beautiful Tunic Dress with Mesh Bishop Sleeves!  This dress was appealing because the sleeves are detailed and dress length perfect for a cold day.  I decided to wear it with black tights for added warmth and traditional black heels.

Oh!  The dress price was amazing, basically under twenty dollars.  What is your favorite Amazon find?  I am considering making a section on this site for Amazon finds only!

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me: Plaid Blanket Wrap Shawl #OOTD or #WIW


My birthday was last Friday, which is the perfect opportunity to share seven facts you didn’t know about me.  I started this blog as a creative outlet but as time passed it has become more than I would’ve ever imagined.

I love my readers and want them (meaning you) to know more about me as an individual. So, here we go…

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. I learned how to sew when I was seven years old.
  2. Throughout college I maintained a Theater Scholarship.  Never had an idea that I would actually use those skills from my television course.
  3. In middle school I participated in the Poetry Contest reciting pieces from Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni.
  4. I prefer a glass of Merlot over Chardonnay; it contains antioxidants.
  5. My favorite personal outlet is reading and obsessing over magazines.
  6. I am a huge 80’s fanatic from the movies, music, and clothing.
  7. My dream vacation would be visiting Egypt.

#OOTD – meaning Outfit of The Day

This particular day was no different from any other beyond the fact that the cold snap has come South.  Although living on the East Coast for several years, my body has become accustomed to seasonal warmth.

Therefore, I needed to layer-up and wear something that would protect me from the cool air.  I opted for a wrap shawl and sweater dress.  Another tidbit is that I’m a texture person and this dress had a soft blend.  Opaque tights and boots gave me extra warmth for a day of running errands.

To purchase a similar wrap shawl click here: Plaid Blanket Wrap Shawl