Beauty Routine with Reach Complete {Oral} Care

One of the most important beauty routines that any girl can have is a good oral routine. Having a beautiful smile can make all the difference that a new lipstick or dress can bring. And it’s a simple process that starts with purchasing a toothbrush that removes plaque, polish the teeth, and adds freshness to the gums.

Reach Complete Care has a new line of tooth brushes that are affordable and provide the ultimate oral care. The brand features an industry first: patent pending triple angle technology, providing three different angles of bristle cleaning – left, straight and right. The technology maximizes vertical surface contact for superior plaque removal and an unprecedented total mouth cleaning worthy of the name “complete.”
The new brushes have the following qualities:


  • 13° triple angled neck
  • Triple angled bristles maximize contact with each tooth
  • Bi-level bristle design with extra prominent REACH Tip™ containing whitening bristles
  • Soft thumb rest for comfort and performance
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • Ergonomic lightweight handle
  • Available in SOFT, MEDIUM, and FIRM bristles

I had the chance to sample their toothbrushes and received amazing results. Personally, I like the grip style and angled bristles because you want to adequately hold the brush for positive results. The new colors were also a nice plus, especially in my home because you want to make a clear distinction between the toothbrushes.

To purchase a Reach toothbrush visit your local drugstore or grocery store and enjoy the results!