Get the Look: Romantic Spring 2017 Fashion

Romance is a word that has existed for some time now. It blossomed during the period of Romanticism, where literature, art, music and philosophies were produced under the header of this notion of love. There are the Romance languages, incorporating Latin, French, Italian and even Romanian, so we can understand that it’s been a bit of big deal for quite a while; how can we incorporate it into our everyday style?

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There are some things that just don’t go out of style when it comes to romantic fashion, and timeless jewelry is one of them. If you buy pearl jewelry for example, you will be investing in something that will last for years, but also has a huge romantic history behind it; there are various poems which link up pearls and love, as pearls are meant to increase not only the love that you receive from others (it’s said that they are able to open up your heart to take in more), but the amount of self-love and praise that you can give to yourself. At a time where we are so critical of our body image, it’s important to be able to love yourself as much as you can – and if this involves splashing out on some new pearl earrings, a pearl necklace or a new ring, this is a great excuse.


Fashion from the Romantic era is definitely coming back into trend, with the incorporation of lace onto outfits being the one thing that stands out from this Victorian style. If you want to take it into the modern day, hearts are the symbol of love that never fades away. Choose something cute and dainty that has a heart pattern on it – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or too bold if that’s not what you want. There are certain color that emphasizes love and romance, and these are usually chosen for weddings i.e. the bridesmaids’ dresses and flower arrangements. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn outside of a wedding, as we would be extremely limited on what we would be able to wear! Pastels are a great choice.


Philosophers from the Romantic era emphasized the importance of emotional self-awareness, creativity and the freedom of expression in order to better us. They didn’t talk much about hair, but if they did it would probably share your hair needs to be free too, just like your thoughts and feelings. So unleash the bun, get out the detangler and let loose; your hair needs to be flowing as freely as it can. There are certain styles that you can mix and match up with, as plaits and braids can definitely add a certain je ne sais quois to long and letdown hair. Show your creativity and romantic side through the addition of these, and you are good to go – spread the love!

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