FILA and Jason Wu Reinvent the “Modern Classic” for FW 2016

 Since the launch of his career back in the early 2000s, fashion designer Jason Wu has created a fashion empire that is defined by his ability to combine unique innovations with classic elegance and eclectic energy. Wu’s new collection for FILA Hong Kong seamlessly combines elements of two great designers – drawing inspiration from the clean lines, classic fringe and bold colors found in the FILA archives, and reimagining them with new geometric patterns, stylish cuts, and a bold color pattern that, when combined, makes for a truly unique and sophisticated collection that brings the 1960s into the modern world.
The FILA x Jason Wu women’s collection is defined by its unique combination of asymmetrical cuts, fabrics, and patterns that blend vintage FILA styles with contemporary silhouettes. Included in the collection are four tennis dresses, two tops, a skort, and a pant, which each sport a different color blocked pattern as well as bold lines of varying thickness and color. The show-stopping piece comes in the form of an ultra-feminine interpretation of the classic FILA tennis dress, which combines a smooth, form-fitting top, with a flirty pleated skirt, and an overlapping body piece. The mixture of fabrics and irregular stitching makes for a remarkable silhouette that creates a sense of depth, while keeping a visually optimized ratio.
The men’s FILA x Jason Wu line features a selection of polos, crewnecks, pants, and shorts in various combinations of white, black and grey – a design element that allows users to mix and match different pieces with ease. Various color blocking patterns and added geometric details in red, yellow, and blue gives each item its own unique flair, while remaining sophisticated and versatile. A black jacket with white piping on the wrists and waist rounds out the collection in stylish sophistication, making it the perfect addition to an autumn wardrobe.
The FILA x Jason Wu collection will be available this fall at select retail locations in Hong Kong, as well as online at More information and photos about the collaboration may be found on FILA Hong Kong’s official site, as well as their Facebook andInstagram pages.
About FILA:
Founded in 1911, FILA is an Italian sportswear and lifestyle brand with a rich and diverse history. Throughout its 105 years as a brand, FILA has had the opportunity to design athletic wear for some of the finest athletes in tennis, golf, skiing, basketball, and baseball. The brand is especially well known for its ability to produce clothing that combines comfort and aesthetics in one, using high quality materials and expert tailoring. Today, FILA products can be found in over 30 countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and the United States.
About Jason Wu:
Jason Wu (吴季刚) was born in 1983 in Taiwan. As a student, Wu had the opportunity to learn and study in a number of iconic cities across the world including Tokyo, Canada, and France, before moving to New York City to study at the Parsons School of Design. After graduation, Wu began working at the Narcisco Rodriguez studio. In February 2006, Wu released his first personal collection, which was met with praise by fashion critics and buyers alike. He quickly became one of New York’s most exciting young designers, and was given the opportunity to design a dress for Michelle Obama, America’s first lady. Today, Wu regularly designs for celebrities and political figures alike, and also lends his talents to collaborative collections with international brands. Jason is affectionately known as “the light of Taiwan.”

Winter Wardrobe Shopping Tips

It’s time to go shopping for a brand new winter wardrobe. But wait, you shouldn’t just go crazy, scanning your bank card at every given opportunity. If you take that approach, you can bet you’ll end up with a load of items you didn’t really need. Not to mention no money left! Consider these things before you go shopping so you can come home with the best haul:

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Things You Already Own

Do you already have winter items you can wear again this year? You may have a quality pair of boots, some jumpers, jeans, tights, and other items that you’ve had in the past that will still do this year. Obviously you want to change up your look, but it’s easy to make old items look new if you style them properly. Go through and decide which items you’d like to keep and which you’ll give to charity. Try not to be a hoarder. If you haven’t worn something in a while, get rid of it to make room for new stuff.

Transitional Summer Items

You’ve probably got summer items that you can make work for you in winter too. Skirts and shorts can be worn with tights. Vests can be worn under your jumpers or layered with cardigans. Work out what you’ll still wear this season. Get rid of the stuff you won’t wear or put it in storage for next year.

Seasonal Items

Whether you like to make the most of your current wardrobe by reusing things or not, everybody can afford to buy a few new seasonal items when shopping for their new wardrobe. This might be the season’s pair of ‘It’ boots – the thigh high style. Or it may be a cosy cowl neck jumper. Personally, I buy myself a new winter coat and a few jumpers each year. You’d never know I was wearing old jeans, tights, and skirts with them. By doing this, I’ve ended up with quite a collection of coats and jumpers. I made sure that they will last me a good few years too, so I always have a wide range of coats to choose from when I’m going out! A couple of new items will bring your wardrobe up to date. There’s just no need to go mad and buy everything you see! Click here for inspiration. If you make sure the items you buy are versatile, they’ll last a long time and go with a lot of different things.

Your Budget

If you go shopping without a budget you’re doomed from the start. You need to know how much you are able to spend on your new wardrobe so you can think of the garments that are the best value for money and purchase them accordingly. If you can, remember that less is more. Bya few items that are high quality and will last you a while, rather than lots of items that are low quality and won’t last you past this year.

Consider these things, and you’ll have a high quality wardrobe that will last you for many winters to come!

Packing Tips for Fashion Girls: Look Fabulous on Vacation

Going on vacation is an exciting time for any fashion girl.  But there’s always the dilemma of packing for an extended amount of time.  Honestly, it can become overwhelming and the thought of going through airport security’s mentally exhausting.

Ready for anything with my Vera Bradley Duffle Bag
Ready for anything with my Vera Bradley Duffle Bag

We shouldn’t let that distract us from looking fabulous and having a good time.  To help us get motivated I want to share a few quick packing tips:

1.  Always pack a variety of summer dresses – whether it’s a maxi or shift dress.  Packing a dress makes room in your duffle bag and you don’t have to iron!

2.  Use accessories to dress up your vacation style or tone it down.  Pack a fedora hat (so we don’t have to worry about our hair) add a belt to cinch the waist for a sexy look and a few statement necklaces to dress up a basic t shirt.

Simple Travel Accessories
Simple Travel Accessories

3.  Your shoe collection should also be effortless style.  Include flip flops (easy to put on) flats for a cool night and two pairs of pumps.  In terms of pumps, I like to go with a basic color that coordinates with any garment such as nude or black.

4.  Undergarments need to reflect your coordinated pieces.  For example, a new mom should include a slimming camisole to keep the abdominal muscles (firm) underneath a blouse.  We can also add a bodysuit for that gorgeous dress that shows your curves.

5.  In terms of pants, consider a pair of shorts, jeans, or even leggings.  All three are great options when packing your vacation attire because they’re transitional pieces that can mix and match.

Kimmie Ready for Travel
Kimmie Ready for Travel

6.  Don’t forget your swimsuit – I like to keep two options in mind; one swimsuit for a sexy date and another suit for having a good time (you’re not concerned with your appearance in this suit because it’s comfortable.)

Packing for any trip can be demanding but with the right tips and perspective, we can have an amazing time and still look great!

7 Cute, Sexy Shorts for Summer

Stay cool and look hot with a pair of cute, sexy shorts!

















Eva looks glamorous with oversized sunglasses, blazer, and shorts {of course!}

Let’s get to the “short” of it!












Bloomingdales – Mello Yellow











Nordstrom – Denim Floral

















H&M – The Animal Kingdom











Nordstrom – Day to Night Sequin










Target – Denim Cutoffs










Bloomingdales – Elegant Lace