Sparkling Ice Water and Recipes

Sparkling Ice has a new water product line.  This is awesome because you can take your health and beverage selection to the next level.  The carbonated water’s infused with natural flavors and zero calories.  My personal favorite is Peach Nectarine.

Customers can also enjoy Sparkling Ice in a variety of ways beyond sipping from a glass.  Did you know the product line’s used in recipes?  Take a look at the selections below:


SPARKLING ICE Cherry Limeade
Mint Leaves
Mashed cherries
Club soda

Yield – 1 cup

Prep Time – Less than 5 minutes


½ cup Peach Nectarine Sparkling ICE
½ cup seedless raspberry preserves
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
Fresh ground black pepper to taste


Combine Sparkling ICE and preserves in a bowl and beat with a whisk until combined.
Whisk in Dijon mustard and black pepper.

Serving Suggestion:

Pairs well with cooled roasted beets, topped with walnuts, and blue cheese.

Toss dressing with baby spinach, red onion, goat cheese, and strawberries.

Yield 2 cups

Serves 6-8 people


2 Bottles Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade
1/3 Cup Soy Sauce
5 Garlic cloves, crushed
1/2 Tablespoon Fresh Ginger, minced
1 Tablespoon whole black peppercorns
1 Teaspoon red pepper flake
1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 lbs. Pork Tenderloin
Salt and Pepper
1/2 cup Scallion, sliced thinly


To prepare the marinade, whisk together Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, whole peppercorns, red pepper flake and olive oil in a large bowl.
Place pork tenderloin in a large zip lock bag or shallow baking dish.
Pour marinade over pork, cover or seal.
Refrigerate for 6 hours.
Remove pork from marinade and pat dry. Season both sides with salt and pepper. Reserve the liquid.
Place marinade in small saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn heat to low and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
Preheat your grill (medium high heat).
Place pork on pre-heated grill and close the cover. Turn and brush the pork with the simmered marinade every 5 minutes. Cook until meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the pork registers 145°F, about 15-20 minutes.
Rest for 10 minutes, slice and serve with scallions and warm marinade liquid.

All recipes are from Sparkling

Sparkling Ice Teas New Flavors – Product Review

WHAT: Sparkling Ice®, part of the Talking Rain® Beverage Company portfolio, announced a new packaging design for its great tasting, zero calorie, Sparkling Ice Tea product line, which now includes Lemon Tea, Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea and new Half & Half flavors.

Sparkling Ice

The introduction of the Sparkling Ice Tea collection in early 2015 provided the brand with a new opportunity to expand on-shelf presence at retailers nationwide by offering a variety of products in assorted categories to meet a wide-range of consumer demands. The new packaging features bold colors and bright fonts designed to reflect each of the Sparkling Ice Tea flavors and refreshing characteristics.

As part of the new design debut, Sparkling Ice will also merge its current Sparkling Ice Lemonade with Tea product into the tea collection, renaming the flavor “Sparkling Ice Tea Half & Half.” Half & Half has the same great taste that consumers have come to love, and makes the perfect addition to Sparkling Ice Tea’s line of refreshing pick-me-ups that deliver just the right amount of fizz.

The full Sparkling Ice Teas collection now includes, Raspberry Tea, Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, and Half & Half flavors.

WHEN: April 5th, 2016

WHY: As the leaders in the sparkling water category, Sparkling Ice continuously seeks out new opportunities to meet the demands of our dedicated customers. Through the redesign and expansion of its Ice Tea collection, Sparkling Ice is responding directly to consumers searching for healthier beverage options.

WHERE: The new teas packaging is currently available in select retail outlets across the country via single serve bottles. For more information about Sparkling Ice products and flavors, please visit and

About Sparkling Ice Beverages:
Sparkling Ice beverages combine sparkling water, natural flavors, fruit juice, vitamins and antioxidants to offer a great tasting lightly carbonated beverage, all without the calories. Sparkling Ice is the Bold Side of Water, offering a bold, flavored, lightly-carbonated beverage that appeals to all age groups. Available in eleven refreshing flavors: Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Kiwi Strawberry, Coconut Pineapple, Pomegranate Blueberry, Peach Nectarine, Lemon Lime, Crisp Apple, Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Watermelon and new in 2016 Black Cherry. Sparkling Ice Lemonades, launched in 2013, are available in three refreshing flavors: Classic Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Lemonade. Sparkling Ice Teas launched nationally in 2015 and include Peach Tea, Raspberry Tea, Lemon Tea and Half & Half flavors. SPARKLING ICE can be found in retailers nationwide. Sparkling Ice is part of the Talking Rain family of beverages, and retails for $1.19-$1.29. To locate Sparkling Ice, visit

Review – 

Truthfully, we consume too many beverages that are not healthy.  Our selections are either loaded with sugar, sodium, acid, or caffeine.  In a previous life (teaching Nutrition and Foods) I learned that anything your body craves is considered a deficit.  This means your body has a lack of the proper vitamins or minerals.

Sparkling Ice is a great substitute from our normal unhealthy beverages because it’s caffeine free, gluten-free, and zero calories.  To make this beverage more appealing, it comes in a variety of flavors!

My first connection with the product was actually through my husband.  He tested one for me (smile) and said, “Kim this tastes really good!”  From that point, I have started to sip Sparkling Ice as a soda substitute.  My favorite flavor is the Raspberry Tea.

Take my advice and try Sparkling Ice Tea to get on track with your dietary needs!


Sparkling Ice Cocktails – Celebrate Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras begins next week, so I wanted to share some fun and refreshing cocktail recipes from SPARKLING ICE – a great tasting, lightly carbonated, zero-calorie beverage which combines sparkling water, fruit juice, vitamins, antioxidants, and BOLD natural flavors.

Bourbon Street Black Raspberry Brut



1 ½ oz. Silver Tequila
2 oz. brut Champagne
7 large black raspberries
2 oz. Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry
¼ oz. lemon juice

1.Muddle black raspberries, Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry and lemon juice in a glass.

2.Pour ingredients into a glass filled with ice.

3.Add tequila, stir, and strain into a large rocks glass filled with ice.

4.Top with brut Champagne and garnish with a skewered black raspberries.

Lemonade Hurricane



2 oz. Sparkling Ice Strawberry Lemonade
1 oz. light rum
1 oz. dark rum
½ oz. passion fruit juice
1 oz. orange juice
Strawberry and Lime for garnish

Stir all ingredients together with ice.
Pour into a tall glass over ice.

Sparkling Whiskey Sour



.5 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1.75 oz Sparkling Ice Lemon Tea
1.25 oz Bourbon
.25 oz simple syrup*
*Low calorie option: Omit .25 oz simple syrup, add one packet of Splenda.


1.In mixing cup add ice, lemon, bourbon and Sparkling Ice.

2.Stir and strain over rocks.

3.Garnish with a cherry

Lifestyle Segment on Fox 45 Morning News: Health Benefits of Drinking Tea in Winter Months

I was invited to host a lifestyle segment on Fox 45 Baltimore WBFF sharing the benefits of drinking tea in the winter months. Brewing a cup of tea can serve as an aid with weight loss, stress relief, and help give a boost of energy. Also, black tea is the equivalent of drinking coffee due to a stimulating substance call theophyllin.

Although there’s a social aspect to drinking tea, we have to remember the original health benefits.  Personally, I like to drink tea as a preventative measure against colds and to boost my immune system.  If I’m not feeling well or have an upset stomach, I brew a cup of tea and drink it in the afternoon (or before bedtime) to flush away the toxins.  Below are additional health benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of heart attack

2. Fights free radicals

3. Helps diabetics better process sugar

4. Improve bone density

5. Helps with relaxation and concentration

I was super excited to share the following products and showcase my favorite tea cups. Don’t forget to purchase Carrington Organics Tea, Sparkling Ice Bottled Tea, Downtown Abbey Tea, or visit Caffe bene new tea house (nationwide) for a relaxing experience.

 If you like this post, click here: National Wine Day Television Segment

Fox 45 News Segment – Beverages to Help Us Trim Calories for Beach Season

With the summer season around the corner, we are all looking to shed a few pounds. Not to the point that we are unhealthy, but in a fashion that will allow us to feel comfortable in our favorite maxi dress.

Last week I was asked to host a segment at Fox 45 News discussing “how to easily trim calories to kick – start a healthy and fit beach season.” This was the perfect opportunity for me because I am actively working (or trying…smile) to be fit and trim for the summer season. But most importantly, we don’t realize the number of calories we consume daily through beverages such as iced coffee, carbonated sodas, and energy drinks.

Colbalt Blue Blouse: Bebe | White Capri Jeans: New York & Co.

The healthy alternative products shared were Real Beanz, Sparkling Ice, and Celsuis. All of the beverages are infused with vitamins which are great when we need an extra boost of energy. Personally, I enjoyed testing all of the products but my favorite was the flavored Sparkling Ice.

The segment was very informative and made us aware of small areas that we can cut a few calories. It also helped to motivate viewers while on their weight loss journey.