10 Important Life Lessons Learned from COVID-19 #WIW or #OOTD A-line Midi Dress

There’s a lot of life lessons to be learned from COVID-19.  This was an unexpected lifestyle change and we had to adjust immediately!

My thought pattern always goes back to, “What did I learn from every situation?”  It’s critical to always do self-evaluation and allow the opportunity for personal growth.

Throughout it all, I have tried to be thankful for the small blessings and keep a positive mindset.

10 Important Life Lessons Learned from COVID-19:

  1. Manage your time wisely and create system blocks.
  2. Meal planning is critical towards your budget and home organization.
  3. Cleanliness can be as easy as washing your hands, mopping your floors, and wiping down the countertops.
  4. Mom Tip-kids require (balanced) structure daily.  Allow them to have free space but yet implement structure/disciplined activities.
  5. First, shop your wardrobe and then seek outside pieces.  Do not overspend during this time.
  6. Your home is your haven.  Make it a place of peace and joy!  That might include gardening or rearranging decor.
  7. We can manage our own hair and nails.  At least until it is safe to venture outside of our comfort zones.
  8. Take care of yourself:  get exercise, take a multi-vitamin, and pick-up a new hobby.
  9. Journaling can create a still voice for relaxation and provide mental clarity.
  10. Avoid clutter at all costs.  Get rid of unnecessary items!

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Women’s Summer Fashion Guide: Stay Up-To-Date on The Latest Trends

As a woman, you are probably wondering what you are going to wear this summer to stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the rapidly changing world of fashion. This is especially true if you are like most women nowadays and have to work full-time. That’s why we put together this great list of summer fashion trends for 2020.

Featured Photo from The Fashion Spot

Summer Fashion Basics

When you are trying to predict what the next big trends are going to be, there are a few places you are going to need to look. You can look at what the latest runway shows have displayed, you can look at what has been popular in current fashion magazines, and you can look at online boutiques and stores to get ideas. For example, if you are looking for dresses for women, you can search hypeach.com to get some fashionable ideas. You will be able to find clothing to keep you in style all through the hot summer months.

This year, there has been a strong trend towards some new styles that haven’t been seen for a long time. Let’s get to it and go over what the top trends will be this summer.

Women’s Summer Fashion Trends For This Year

This year’s trends are a little different from last year, but many of them will carry over. We have seen a few reintroductions from nearly one hundred years ago with some styles making a come back that were popular in the 30s and 40s. There are also a few trends that appear to be fairly unique and maybe appearing on the scene for the first time ever. Here are five of the biggest trends that will be seen this year in women’s fashion over the summer.

Puffy Sleeves 

This is an exciting sight to see. A fashion trend that was originally popular in the 1930s has been making headways among the women of the nation this year. Although it is not new on the scene and has been popular for a little while, it is still trendy and should continue to be so throughout the majority of the summer. It would be a safe move to purchase a few new tops that have the puffy sleeves look.

Professional Summer Wear

Professional summer wear is going to be one of the biggest trends this summer. This is the type of clothing that is going to help you look your best, but people will still take you seriously. One of the biggest trendsetters in this area has been the introduction of some new and absolutely fabulous sports-type jackets. These jackets will have you looking absolutely sharp but also intelligent and respectable.

Stylish Sunglasses 

A throwback to the 80s, stylish sunglasses, such as Arabians, have been making a huge comeback in recent months. This bodes well for the fashion trend this summer as people are starting to gear up for some time outside under the sun and will definitely need to protect their eyes while looking stylish. Why not go ahead and get yourself a pair of sunglasses and make a fashion statement out of it by getting a pair that matches the rest of your outfit?

Genuine Snakeskin 

According to Marie Claire, one of the most shocking introductions on the scene in terms of women’s summer fashion trends is the recent fascination of snakeskin apparel. This is not faux snakeskin, but the real genuine snakeskin. Women are starting to wear boots and other footwear that is made of snakeskin and even carry handbags that have been made with this unique type of leather. This is something fairly new and it is actually pretty exciting. You can match it with some of your other leather clothing or mix it up and do something totally random. The choice is yours.

Trendy Trenchcoats 

Finally, the last big fashion trend for the summer has been all of the stylish and trendy trenchcoats that you have been seeing while you are out and about. You are going to need to be careful while selecting a trenchcoat for the summertime. Make sure you buy one that is breathable and easy to wear. Make sure that it is going to be comfortable to wear during the heat of the day before you make a final purchase decision.

These are just a few ideas for the summer of 2020. Watch people who know how to put different styles together and follow their example.

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Talk of Alabama Fashion Segment: Makeup Techniques, Shapewear, and Much More

On July 2, 2019, I hosted a television segment on Talk of Alabama:  ABC 3340 discussing simple fashion tips to elevate anyone’s everyday style.

I was excited to serve as the Fashion/Style Expert and shared makeup techniques, shapewear basics, color placement, and classic accessories.

Why talk about everyday style tips?  Because it’s easy for women to wear the same hairstyle or favorite jacket for several years. Refreshing your overall look can uplift your mindset and self-esteem.

During the segment, I discussed how to cut down on the early morning routine with the use of face palettes from companies such as Makeup Geek.  Face palettes remove the need for various products and keep the bathroom area organized.  They’re easy to store in your cosmetics bag as well.

The most important makeup tip shared on-air was wearing a bright-colored lipstick to elevate the face during an early morning routine!

Owning shapewear basics such as a bodysuit or camisole will make those fitted shift dresses, align skirts, or slim-fit slacks lay smoothly and camouflage problem areas.

When shopping, purchase items that are in complementary colors according to your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.  The IBKUL Mock Neck Summer dress is the perfect addition to anyone’s seasonal wardrobe.

This dress has rich colors and the sleeveless design can be dressed up with wedge sandals or dressed down with a denim jacket.

Accessories are like icing on a cake!  Wearing the right accessories can elevate any look; it’s suggested to start with classic pieces such as stud earrings, tortoiseshell sunglasses, leather belt or black handbag.

From there, you can incorporate trendier items for a fun look.  The pieces shown on-air included a straw handbag and hat, pearls, hoop earrings, tote bag, and aviator sunglasses.

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Scala Straw Safari Hat: Effortless Summer Accessory

When I hear the word summer, I think of relaxation.  Not from the standpoint of completing projects and daily tasks but vacation is normally right around the corner.

If you’re anything like me, the last thing I’m concerned about on vacation is my hair.  I want to wake up with a clear goal in mind of having fun.

That means I must purchase Summer outfits and accessories that are wrinkle-free with an easy-fit.  My accessories have to support this same philosophy because nobody wants to ruin their favorite handbag on the beach.

Straw hats are an effortless accessory that has endless Summer options.  It can be worn to the pool; between grocery runs and while gardening.

Mainly, straw hats are essential because you don’t have to prep your hair.  I can just get up and go which is my favorite morning routine!

The Scala Straw Safari Hat is perfect for protecting my face from the sun.  And boy is it hot outside!  Sun damage is a major issue and we must be proactive about protecting the skin.  Aside from preventative efforts, the hat is also fashionable and well-made.

I love wearing my straw hat with a trendy top and wedge sandals.  Tell me, what are your favorite summer accessories?

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Misook Woven Sheath Dress: Summer Sophistication Collection

When I have a meeting or church event, dresses are my favorite option.  They’re easy to wear and accessorize with a great pair of shoes.  The key to selecting a dress that’s fab and not drab has to do with the color.  This is the one area that’s often understated because we become visually intrigued by the style of dresses.

Although the fit and design are equally important, selecting complementary colors are a high priority for my wardrobe.  Jewel tones are always an accent to my complexion and this dress was no exception.

Misook shipped this beautiful Red Woven Sheath Dress and Mother of Pearl Necklace.  There’s nothing better than a sheath dress!  Right!  I couldn’t wait to add this dress to my collection for several reasons.  Number one, its form-fitting which accents my frame.  Number two, the side pockets are functional and allows me to place items in them throughout the day.  Number three, the dress can be hand-washed.  Who has the time to make a dry cleaner run?

Some additional style ideas for the Woven Sheath Dress are adding a dark wash denim jacket and statement necklace.

Visit Misook and view more of the Summer Sophistication Collection!

Shop Misook for sophisticated & polished looks designed to be forever flattering.

Okabashi Reflexology Flip Flops: Supportive, Stylish, and Sustainable Shoes

The sand. The beach.  The waves.  All of the best components of a great beach day.  And what beach day would not be complete without the right attire.  Of course, everyone packs their favorite swimsuit and coverup but what about a comfortable pair of flip-flops?

Okabashi is the perfect lightweight shoes for any summer vacation.  What makes it so dynamic is that Okabashi sandals are therapy for your feet.  Everyone knows I love a pair of pumps or platforms.  But, after a certain time period wearing shoes for comfort becomes a luxury!  The brand has a variety of sizes and colors to compliment anyone’s summer swimwear.

Featured Photo from Okabashi Instagram Account.

The Indigo Flip Flop has a unique design and it’s recommended by podiatrists and chiropractors nationwide.  I received my first pair in the mail and couldn’t wait to open.  Immediately, I placed my foot inside the shoe and felt an overwhelming sense of comfort.  The company’s motto is “Everyone deserves to have comfortable feet” and I couldn’t agree more!

Order a pair of Okabashi sandals to wear a pair of supportive, stylish, and sustainable pair of flip-flops.

10 Basic Rules of Cool Dress For Hot Days – House of Terrance

Terry from House of Terrance shared, “I quickly learned to wear light-colored layers, weightless, sheer natural fabrics, and plenty of sleeveless and halter neck styles. Here’s what I learned about dressing for the heat and humidity.”

10 Basic Rules of Cool Dress

1. Stay with natural fabrics. Wear cotton, chambray, and lightweight linen. Give a pass to polyesters which don’t breath, and silk which stains.

2. Wear airy fabrics. Get some natural air-conditioning by wearing lace, mesh, eyelet, embroidery, and crochet — all great for adding a little spice to a basic summer ensemble.

3. Stay away from clothing that clings. This is the time for billowy shapes that skim the body. Say no to jeans, but if you must wear them consider a pair made of chambray which looks like denim but is much lighter in weight.

4. Wear more skirts and dresses. They allow for air circulation making you cooler than pants or shorts will. Don’t tuck anything in — that extra fabric at your waist is too much when it feels like 100 degrees out!

5. Choose light colors like white and pastels. Black fibers absorb more heat than lighter shades. If you do choose black, make sure it’s sheer or practically weightless.

6. Wear your most minimal bras and panties. This is the time for your sheerest, laciest undergarments.

7. Keep your hair off your face. Now is the perfect time to experiment with headbands, scarves, headwraps and turbans, all great options for keeping your hair back, neat and cool.

8. Lighten up with accessories. Forego the big necklaces and multiple bangles. Earrings are the best way to add style to your outfits, especially if you’re wearing your hair off your face for extra coolness. Here are some great ones to consider!

9. Give up your shoulder bag. Trade your large handbag for a small lightweight bag that fits just the essentials. There are so many cooler ones (both meanings:) to carry, like small backpacks, crossbodies, and fannypacks.

10. It’s time for your strappiest of sandals! But let’s not resort to flip-flops. Consider the cooly updated slides which have more support than flip-flops.


Dressing Yourself For Different Types Of Events: Summer Fashion

You never know when you’ll be faced with the challenge of picking out an outfit for a particular type of event. No matter what you’re up to, it’s important to have a few of the essential wardrobe staples in your closet. This way you’ll always be equipped to dress for any sort of occasion that might pop up.

You always want to be prepared for whatever activities you feel like doing or invitations that may come your way because it’ll make your life easier. Take the time to sort through and organize your closet now so you can effortlessly get dressed when the time comes.

Featured Photo Yara Shahidi MTV Movie Awards

First Date

Every woman needs a nice fitting pair of dark jeans in her closet because they’re so versatile. You can either dress them up or down depending on where you’re going, and no one will even know or care if you wear them twice in one weekend. Own a go-to pair that makes you feel confident no matter what the activity you’re participating in. Go shopping and take your time trying different pairs on until you find the perfect match for your body type. An additional wardrobe staple you should have in your closet is a mix of colorful blousy tops you can pair with your jeans. Don’t be afraid to purchase tops that have stylish patterns and designs in addition to bold solids.

Music Concert

Hop online at Ticket sales and attend a concert or show with your friends in your free time. What you’ll want in your closet is a little black dress you can throw on for this type of occasion. You can turn this one piece of clothing into many outfits by wearing it with a jean jacket, with a large pair of sparkly earrings or plain with a heel that adds a pop of color. A little black dress is one staple you definitely want to make sure you secure because you’ll be getting a lot of use out of in the future. This is also a chance for you to play with your makeup and use unique shades you normally wouldn’t wear from day-to-day.

Backyard BBQ

You never know when you’re going to be asked to join your friends or family for an outdoor BBQ, especially in the summertime when it’s nice and warm outside. Invest in a pair or two of solid colored or black shorts and wear them with your favorite tank top. You can also spruce up your outfit a bit by buying a pair of strappy sandals that add style to your feet. Bring a cardigan sweater along should the temperature drop and you want to cover up.


The weekend is an opportunity for you to unwind and have fun celebrating the marriage between two people you adore. You’re going to have a more enjoyable time attending this type of event when you know you look good. Find a dress that’s classy and flattering and that you can easily move around in. Complete your outfit by accessorizing and layering to help spruce up dull or plainer garments and bring all that you’re wearing together nicely. For example, grab an attractive handbag on your way out the door or put on a statement necklace that catches people’s attention.


Your life is going to be that much more fun and pleasant when you’re prepared for any occasion. Start cleaning out your closet now and filling it with these pieces to help you always feel confident and stylish. You’ll thank yourself later for being prepared to get ready and not having to think too hard about what you’re doing.

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Ann Taylor Ruffle Denim Jacket: Must – Have Item

Ann Taylor is known for being a transitional store; meaning their clothing can be interchanged between every season.  The retailer carries classic suits and separates that will enhance anyone’s wardrobe.

Who doesn’t love a white denim jacket?  This piece of outwear can be dressed up or down.  In the Southern region, we vary between extremely hot and brisk cooler temperatures.  Having an item like the Ruffle Denim Jacket is a must-have piece to help combat this weather change.

There are so many style options for this particular jacket!   It can be worn with a pair of jeans, midi dress or pencil skirt.  The details of this piece are visible with a fringed neckline and ruffle waist.

Ann Taylor has so many items that are perfect for the everyday woman ranging from Sunday brunch to the boardroom.  The store is having a 50% off sale.  What better time than now to shop for new clothes during the new season.

Thank you, Ann Taylor, for this collaborative post!

Jacket:  Ann Taylor | Slacks:  New York & Company | Belt:  New York & Company | Bracelet:  PANDORA Jewelry