The Red Brunch at Tabaq Bistro: Networking Event

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 I attended “The Red Room” Brunch located at Tabaq Bistro in Washington D.C.  The purpose of  the event was for individuals in the Baltimore/Washington area to network, collaborate, and share ideas.  In addition, the new brunch series supported Carl Johnson and Silva Lining with their “Drive 2 Provide” Toy Drive.

During the brunch, Candice Nicole and Tommie Collins also raffled several gifts such as concert tickets, event tickets, beverages, art work, etc.   The brunch menu included a variety of breakfast foods ranging from mimosas, blood marys, omelets, pancakes, steak, eggs, and fruit.

There’s nothing like pancakes, fruit, and mimosas!  

 Networking, Networking, Networking

Candace used the color “blue” as an accent to her outfit!

Another day in the “LIFE” of Style Life {xoxoxo}

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