Event Recap: Fashion Awards MD 2013

Photos from this year’s Fashion Awards MD event are posted below.  I was super excited to be a nominee, especially since this blog has only been active for one year (hooray!)  In addition, every nominee in the media category was very talented, so for me (personally) it was truly about the experience and being amongst those who share the same “love” which is fashion, art, and style.

The event production was also nice from nominees standing on the red carpet, to guest enjoying refreshments, and the opportunity to network with industry professionals.  Lastly, to give this event the fashion flair that it deserved Lana Rae (the event founder and owner of the KIS Agency) was able to have Lianca and Johnny from Kimora: House of Fab serve as the awards show host.

I look forward to attending this event again next year.  For additional details click on the link: Fashion Awards MD.com  Photos below are taken from my Instagram account.




Photo of Fashion Blogger Teena Leone from Fashion for Breakfast



Dress: shop.stylelifefashion.com | Bracelet: Nordstrom | Platform Pumps: Bebe | Envelop Clutch: shop.stylelifefashion.com



LOFT, the fashionable women’s retailer, is bringing women in the Baltimore area a collection of clothing and accessories that are accessible, fun, and of great quality—all at sensational prices.

Opening weekend guests will receive a special tote as a gift with purchase (while supplies last), on purchases of $75 or more. Also guests will be able to enter for a chance to win a $250 LOFT shopping spree and personal styling session.

• LOFT will be stocked with the latest trends including tribal prints, striking stripes, and pops of bold color in must-have summer pieces like versatile tees, tank dresses, tailored shorts and beaded belts and bangles to complete every woman’s wardrobe.

• LOFT is a trusted personal stylist to its clients: Each one of the associates is a stylist who can give fashion advice, ideas and inspiration. Women can have fun putting together looks!

• The new concept store is complete with plush seating and open space, that encourages interaction among clients and features larger groupings of mannequins to show guests additional outfitting options.


Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29 from 10 am to 9 pm

Sunday, June 30 from 11 am to 7 pm


Waugh Chapel Towne Centre

1417 South Main Chapel Way,

Gambrills, Maryland 21054



SLF Giveaway {H&M} Bikini and Embroidered Dress

Ladies we have a treat for you! For everyone who’s a “Beyonce fan” and frequent shopper of H&M, we are offering (you) the opportunity to wear the hottest style.  In honor of our loyal readers, we are hosting a giveaway from the Beyonce in H&M Summer Collection 2013.

One lucky winner will receive a bandeau bikini (top/bottom) and beaded embroidered dress for summer!  Details on how to enter the giveaway are below:




1. “Like” Style Life Fashion Facebook and Twitter Page.

2. Return to my blog (HERE) and leave a comment sharing your favorite clothing item or accessory from H&M.

3. Share our Beyonce in H&M Summer Collection 2013 giveaway on one of your social networking sites (either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.)

Giveaway will end at midnight on June 18, 2013 EST. The winner will be notified (via email) and announced on June19, 2013.

Unusual Beauty Secrets from Celebrities: Guest Post from Isabella Franklin

Contrary to popular belief, most celebs don’t wake up looking good. They spend a lot of time and money on their appearance – but what are their most unusual beauty secrets? Let’s find out.

Placenta facials

Believe it or not, the rich and famous are opting for placenta facials in a bid to reduce ageing. That’s right, the afterbirth of lambs, pigs, cows and even human beings is thought to stimulate collagen levels and this is proving popular in Tinseltown. Eva Longoria is said to be a fan, as is Katie Holmes – but would you give this off-the-wall product a go?

Peppermint oil

Ever wondered how Mariah Carey maintains her looks? Well, it’s believed she uses peppermint oil to plump up her lips. This sweet smelling product – which is extracted form a plant indigenous to Europe – has been shown to stimulate blood flow and can be added to lip creams and glosses.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been used for centuries to moisturise and refresh the skin, so it seems Julia Roberts has caught wind of this trick. The Pretty Woman star uses this ‘liquid gold’ (so named by the poet Homer) to improve the condition of her skin and also applies it to her cuticles and nails. Olive oil can be bought for most supermarkets and lasts for a very long time (if used sparingly), so it’s worth giving this a go.



Hemorrhoid cream

According to Glamour Magazine, Sandra Bullock uses haemorrhoid cream underneath her eyes to reduce lines and wrinkles. This might sound strange, but the active ingredient in the cream is believed to temporarily tighten the skin – so she could be onto something. Sure, the effects ware off after some time, but at least she can look her best while filming.


Let’s face it; Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her hair, teeth and skin look perfect, but how does she do it? Well, if reports are to be believed, she relies on coffee granules to get rid of her cellulite. Of course, liposuction is available at clinics across the UK – but this is a great alternative is you’re scared of surgery.

Surgical and non-surgical procedures are the norm these days, but celebrities still manage to surprise us with their beauty regimes.

To read more about celebrity unusual beauty secrets, click on the link and learn about Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial: FoxNews.com

New Year’s Eve Beauty Looks: Celebrity Inspiration

On Monday night, we will celebrate the new year with some fun, festive activities! But whether you’re attending a gala or having a movie marathon at your home, we should strive to look fashionable while sipping our glass of champagne.

If you’re battling with the question, “what should I wear” why not find fashion inspiration from a few celebrities that “get it right” for every occasion.

And as we review our favorite fashion looks of the year, how can we forget Rihanna’s blonde hair, Kim Kardashian’s black mesh dress, or Jessica Biel’s black, Louis Vuitton pump.   In my opinion, the celebrities gave us “great fashion” for the 2012 year!

Click on the link for New Year’s Eve Top 10 Beauty Looks:  Grazia.Daily.Co.Uk and People Style Watch

Beyonce’s Fishtail Plait 



 Ann Hathaway’s Wine Lip Color


Quick Celebrity Gossip for 2013

Beyonce will appear on the cover of Vogue 2013 Spring Issue

Kate Middleton’s baby will be due (approximately) in July 2013

R&B singer Brandy get’s engaged during the holiday season, so there may be a wedding in 2013

Kim’s Beauty Ebook

What’s the secret out there that you don’t know that will make you look your best?

Beauty Tips: Back to the Basics

“You’re About To Learn Beauty Tips and Secrets That Most Women Will Never Really Know In Their Entire Life!”

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It doesn’t have to be that way. Beauty Tips: Back to the Basics will show you simple, everyday things that anyone can do that don’t cost a lot of money. You’ll find simple strategies that can have dramatic impact in the long run on your beauty, appearance, and general health.

You’ll learn tips on a better morning routine, how to retain the natural healthy glow of your skin, how to manage your hair, and much more. My beauty advice offers a basic but complete package of practical and economical suggestions for looking your best.

Kimberly West

This is not your typical beauty eBook!

Within its 50  pages, fashion and beauty expert, Kimberly West, presents the most important tips and aspects of beauty, covering a range of topics including: Hair Care and Style; Eyes and Brows; Makeup Tips; Hand and Nails; Cosmetic Surgery; Posture; Wardrobe and being fit and healthy.

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Even if you think you know everything there is to know about beauty products and routines, there is still a lot of information you can learn in this book.

And the best news of all is that applying these tips won’t break the bank. The best things in life are simple things, and you will be amazed at the change you’ll see in yourself by following these simple but effective lessons

“The One Beauty Book that Every Girl Should Have”

See what our customers had to say:

Tips mentioned in this book are easy to apply, close to nature, have no side effects and are explained in detail. It even contains some really good home remedies.
Rachel H.
This book is filled with remedies using ingredients that are pure and inexpensive. I was experiencing a lot of trouble with dry skin. I followed the instructions mentioned in chapter about skin hydration and now my skin is soft and looks younger! I will definitely recommend this book to all females, especially who are computer users because this book also explains how skin is affected from computer use and what’s its cure.
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Great book, it has all solutions for everyday skin and beauty issues. Highly recommend!
Anna Powell

Beauty Tips: Back to the Basics

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If you need any help, please contact us at kim@stylelifefashion.com


7 Cute, Sexy Shorts for Summer

Stay cool and look hot with a pair of cute, sexy shorts!

















Eva looks glamorous with oversized sunglasses, blazer, and shorts {of course!}

Let’s get to the “short” of it!












Bloomingdales – Mello Yellow











Nordstrom – Denim Floral

















H&M – The Animal Kingdom











Nordstrom – Day to Night Sequin










Target – Denim Cutoffs










Bloomingdales – Elegant Lace

How to Shine Like a Star!

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity! The Glamorous world of stars seems to be a dream waiting to be realized. However, we may not be real life celebrities but we could still look like one.

In our case, have to learn how to achieve a glamorous look on a limited salary.  But hope is not lost, I will be giving you a few amazing tips for you to look like your favorite celebrity without hurting your wallet! There is definitely no need for you to have a makeup team and a handful of fashion experts in order to look your best. Cut on your budget in half and still shine like a star!

  1. Make sure that you are in up-to-date with what is the frenzy now. As much as possible, keep yourself in touch with the different fads. Research on the internet if possible. However you should also keep in mind what is abreast in terms of trends in your location.
  2.  Remember , what would looks good on others may  not look good on you. Dress for your body size, personality and age! Use your assets and flaunt it!
  3. We all know that fashion trends come and go according to the fashion life cycle.  Wedges were so popular in the mid 70’s but are considered to be a hot summer trend now. And, if you are budget conscious then one of the best places that you certainly might shop your way out are the thrift stores of vintage stores.
  4. Get the perfect accessories for your looks. No matter how simple your clothes appear, with the right accessories, everything can look glam up!
  5. Lastly, purchase undergarments that fit you perfectly!  Wearing the wrong undergarment can destroy the whole outfit because it distorts your assets. Go for classic basics and you will never look bad in anything you’re wearing!

Ladies, looking like a celeb doesn’t really require thousands of dollars!  Simply try to look for some items that are tailored for you. Create that star feeling within yourself and get the latest tips on fashion trends now! Remember, be a star in your own simple ways!

Color Blocking: The Guidelines

Color Blocking is the latest trend for Spring/Summer 2012.  Ladies everywhere are mixing and matching their favorite shades to create a chic look.

But color can affect you in a variety of ways.  For example, color can change your mood, style, and even your complexion!

And although we are eager to partake in the latest trend, there are certain guidelines that we should follow for selecting colors.  Most importantly, your selection of color will largely depend on your body shape and personality.


*  Choose a neutral or basic color that could be worn often (black, beige, navy blue.)

*  Light and bright colors are great to play up your best features.  Example, a yellow blouse can be worn to accentuate bronzed skin.

* Any color can be worn with black!

*  Use a color wheel to help figure what shades are monochromatic and complimentary.

*  If you want to look tall and slimmer wear a contrast of one color; to appear heavier in one area wear bold, bright colors.

*  Remember, colors provoke feelings.  For example, red represents power while blue is calming.

Also, don’t just color block with your clothing but it can also be done with your make up/cosmetics.  How many times have we seen a great manicure with a variety of fun hues?

Ultimately, color blocking is the mixing of colors within the same family but with the right touch anyone can look like a star!