Shapeez: The Evolution of Shapewear and Intimate Apparel

I have a great product that will help everyone look their best in any outfit!

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Shapeez is a bra & shapewear line that instantly provides women with:

  • Thinner Waist
  • Flat Stomach
  • Lifted Breasts
  • Zero Bra Lines
  • Smooth Hips
  • Better Back Support

It’s so cool and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Beach Style: Selecting The Perfect Cover-Up

Raise your hands if you’re excited about summer! A few more glorious weeks until vacation and we will have the chance to press the reset button. When it comes to beach style, it’s easy to get it wrong; not all sarongs can be worn on the sand and crochet sundresses can’t protect you from sunburn! It’s time for the cover-up to get a makeover because beachwear is about more than kaftans!

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Denim Mini

While we know you love cut off shorts why not give them a well-deserved rest and show off your suntanned legs in a faded denim mini skirt. The mini skirt arrived in a blaze of glory (in the sixties) representing freedom and self-expression as thousands of young women discovered its sex appeal! These days, mini skirts come in various styles, shapes and colors. A faded denim mini is cute, comfy, and an easy way to infuse your outfit with a festival vibe. Think beach wave curls, minimal jewelry, flip flops, and a white tank top for a pretty, natural look.

Open Kimono

Kimonos has stormed the catwalk to become a much-loved fashion staple. A beautiful, silk kimono dresses up a pair of jeans, cold shoulder or lace tank top while being a fabulous alternative to a coat or jacket when the weather’s warm. Kimono’s also look gorgeous over a bikini and act as an instant cover up. They inject glamour into the most basic outfit. Thanks to their silk ties you can either wear them open (for sunbathing) or loosely tie them so you can see a hint of cleavage.

Statement Jumpsuit

If you only pack for one night, make sure it’s a silk or linen halter neck jumpsuit. Why? Even an upscale restaurant won’t say no to a trendy jumpsuit worn with strappy heels and diamond jewelry. Looking for glamorous inspiration? Grab a glossy magazine and see how the rich and famous do beach beauty. Looking to treat yourself to some right-hand bling before vacation? Head on over to to learn about diamonds and get a quote on your dream ring!

Jumpsuits are also a fantastic way to show off your sun-kissed skin and the perfect alternative instead of wearing a top, skirt or trousers. This lilac jumpsuit is a stunning option and will look amazing with deep cork wedges.

White Button Down

Looking to hit the beach bar? A white button down will not only give you coverage but it’s still fashion-forward and classic. Make sure you pick one that comes past your thighs and not too flimsy for a chic dinner.

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Angela Simmons High-Low Shift Dress – Maternity Style

Angela Simmons has truly embraced becoming a new mom.  Her maternity style is cute, flattering, and playful.


This is an example of embracing your curves and change of womanhood.  Here, she’s seen wearing a high-low (babydoll) shift dress.  The cut and ruffle hem of the dress takes away from her growing abdomen, showcasing her legs.

To duplicate this maternity style, I would suggest purchasing a shift dress one size larger and altering according to your figure.  For added height wear comfortable heels and don’t forget to pack your ballerina flats in your handbag!

Vince Camuto Printed High-Low Trapeze Dress


Keep Clothes Bright and Less Fading – Laundry Secrets from Downy Ball

Surveys show that Americans spend a decent amount of money on clothing. Women spend about $59 and men spend about $25 a month. The average family bringing in an income of $50,000 spends about $2,000 a year on new outfits. On top of the money being invested in new shirts, pants, sweaters and other garments, laundry can be a real pain in the neck. Stain removers don’t always eliminate the entire mark left behind by spilled coffee or mystery smears, and color-enhancing detergent only extends the lifetime of clothing for so long. To help prevent having to purchase new clothes there are tips to help keep darks from fading, sneakers from tumbling into pieces in the dryer and white shirts from having ugly armpits.


Downy Ball has compiled some of the best laundry secrets and shortcuts since the invention of the modern washing machine and dryer to help consumers look their best with minimal effort. These tips include:

  1. Buy a sneaker dryer bag to eliminate the loud banging from your shoes.
  1. To prevent color fading, toss your clothes in the wash with a teaspoon of salt for a brighter look.
  1. Wash dark clothes inside out to keep them from fading. The detergent won’t drain the color and this easy trick will keep favorite shirts and pants looking newer longer.
  1. Save time, energy and money by throwing a dry towel into the dryer with wet laundry – this will reduce moisture in the machine and speed up the drying process.
  1. Remove underarm stains with a homemade recipe instead of bleach or stain sticks. Mix Dawn dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda to create a scrub that gets stunning results.
  1. Remove grease stains with a piece of chalk. Even if you have already washed a garment hoping soap and water would do the trick, that stain isn’t a permanent part of your wardrobe and chalk can still save the day.

[youtube height=”720″ width=”1280″]watch?v=Fhp6bRjj-iM[/youtube]

About Downy Ball

No more waiting for the rinse cycle. No more cleaning out the dispenser. With the Downy Ball, fabric softener is automatically released during the rinse cycle. To enjoy the convenience of Downy Ball just pour the Downy fabric softener of choice up to the right fill line in the Downy bottle cap, pour into the ball, seal it, and drop it in at the start of the wash on top of fabrics. Downy Ball will release the softener on its own, making laundry less complicated.


Transitional Sweaters – Dryel Home Care Tips

When it comes to fashion, the laundry does not stop!  One discovers (very quickly) the proper care and treatment of garments is vitally important.  Each article of clothing has its own label that includes the fabric percentage, content and suggested laundry needs.

I have a few sweaters that I’ve started wearing to help with the transition of seasons.  In this region, the weather fluctuates; one day it’s cold enough to wear a cashmere tunic and the next day I’m searching for an open-front cardigan.

Dryel is such an important product (for your wardrobe) because it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and less damaging to your clothing.  The product contains 6 cloths and for hard to clean stains, the company provides a booster spray.


From my personal experience, the kit was simple and resulted in my sweaters smelling great.  I opened the Dryel ultra cleaning cloth and placed inside of the bag (with my sweaters.)  After tumbling in the dryer for 30 minutes, I removed the sweaters and put them on a satin hanger.   This was an easy laundry process for a lady on the go!


Check back with the site (over the next few months) and I will share additional tips from Dryel At-Home Cleaner. 


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Aisle Style Special Occasion Dresses – Shopping Tips

It’s the holiday season and that means we like to expand our wardrobe for evening dresses, special occasion dresses, and maybe even prom dresses.  There’s so many options available for us and shopping in-store can be overwhelming!

15c314d8683a092c9c05679623cc8fd9.image.370x518Aisle Style is an online designer wedding dress retailer.  They have a variety of beautiful gowns to suit everyone’s needs from elegant, simple, bold, or contemporary.  The company also takes pride in providing dresses for all age groups.





I would like share a few tips when dress shopping online:

  1. Know your exact measurements.
  2. Purchase a dress that’s flattering according to a piece in your wardrobe.
  3. Select a gown that will compliment your skin tone, eye and hair color.
  4. Consider the heel height of the shoe you will be wearing with the gown.
  5. Don’t forget about your shapewear or hosiery.
  6. Read the customer service guidelines prior to payment.


When visiting the site, customers have the option of selecting a silhouette, hemline, and neckline based on their individual choice.  It’s an easy process and your purchase will arrive within the selected shipping guidelines.  Lastly, customers can specify a carrier of their choice.

Visit Aisle Style for your holiday, cocktail, and prom wardrobe needs!

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The Annapolis Sailboat Show 2015 – Lifestyle Tip

The Annapolis Sailboat Show is a historic event that takes place in the Annapolis district.  This is a show for sailors (and family members) searching for equipment, clothing, and boating accessories.  It’s also a great place to visit and enjoy the sailboat tour!

Aside from enjoying the beautiful boats, guests can sip on cocktails, listen to music, and indulge in authentic Maryland cuisine.  My personal favorite is the jumbo crab cake and ice cream.  The boys and I walked around to vendors; we even viewed a gorgeous two bedroom yatch and considered taking sailing courses.


Sailboat Show2

The Annapolis Sailboat Show’s considered to be one of the largest and oldest in-water sailboat shows.  Here are a few style tips for boat dressing:

1.  Sophisticated Sunglasses

2.  Beautiful Tunic or Afghan

3.  One-Piece Swimsuit

4.  Stylish Clutch Handbag

5.  Maxi Dress

6.  Wedge Platforms or Flip Flops

7.  Straw Hat

DSC_0057 DSC_0058

Striped Knit Top and Jeans – Chic Look


Sunglasses: Ray-ban| Striped Top:  Target | Watch:  Michael Kors

On this particular day I didn’t know what to wear; I grabbed my blazer, big earrings, and pumps.  I’m not sure if it’s the back – to – school rush or post vacation hustle but I just couldn’t pull it together!

When all else fails (and my brain’s on overload) I lean towards a chic look.  You can’t go wrong with a striped knit top, fitted jeans, pumps, and classic watch.  Don’t forget to throw on your sunglasses, fluff your hair and hold your head high because confidence is always in style.

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The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Transitional Pieces for the Chic Man’s Wardrobe: From Business to Bar

Who doesn’t like to go for Friday night drinks after work? For the businessman, it can be a bit of a hassle bringing a change of clothes to hit the bar with once 5pm rolls around so that your appearance is appropriate for the night-time. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just go straight from work to your favorite haunt without lugging any clothes around?

If you can’t do this already, your wardrobe is probably in need of some transitional clothing pieces that are work and bar suitable. So, if you haven’t got these in your wardrobe, start making a shopping list!

A Crisp, White Shirt

Every chic man should have a crisp white shirt in his wardrobe.  Shirts like this from Politix  are suitable for virtually anything, from black tie to a casual lunch. Pair with a simple set of slacks for work and no one will bat an eyelash. Throw on a sports jacket when it’s time to hit the bar and you’ll be perfectly dressed for wherever the night takes you.


Leather Shoes

Any guy who loves the nightlife knows that shoes are crucial to meeting the dress code of a bar or club. Do you usually wear trainers or sneakers to work? You will definitely want to re-think that wardrobe choice! Sneakers will most likely get turned away at the bar, but a nice pair of leather shoes goes with everything from jeans to suit pants and will definitely meet the standards of any dress code, no matter how fancy.

Fitted, Dark Blue Jeans

A pair of well-fitting, dark blue jeans are one of the most versatile items you could ever have in your wardrobe. You can dress up with a long-sleeved shirt and dark shoes for a night out, dress down with sneakers and a casual sweater for a great chic day wear look, or you can even pair it with a sports jacket and tie for smart casual events. The options are virtually endless! Wear your dark blue jeans out of the office and into the bar and nobody will think anything of it.


Collared Polo Shirts

Is it a bit hot for long sleeves? Your next best option for work and play is to wear a nice collared polo shirt. There’s nothing wrong with an ironed polo paired with knee-length shorts (if it’s particularly hot) or a nice dark blue pair of jeans. Plus, they come in so many colours you’re sure to find one that you like. Polo shirts are a great alternative to long-sleeved shirts if the weather is particularly steamy.

So next time you’re heading out for drinks after work, don’t pack two sets of clothes. Just use some versatile items in your wardrobe that are suitable for both occasions. You will be thankful you did when you’re looking chic while not lugging around any unnecessary items of clothing.

What are some items of clothing you find work well for wearing to the office and then to the bar afterwards? Share in the comments below.

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